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Free Flow is a podcast created by SHE Period to boost discussions about menstruation & other topics that have stayed under the radar for so long. Tune in to listen to unfiltered period stories from people of all walks of life! In a collaboration with SHE Period, Femcy App Presents: Lost in Menstruation. A section about evidence-based lifestyle guidance for better menstrual health! Stay tuned until the last drop when our faaabulous host, Lívia, comes back with our bonus section: Whasss Good! Where she shares some fun facts and extra tips ;) Make sure to follow us on our IG @trysheperiod for updates!

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Wednesday Apr 06, 2022

Unfiltered stories with SUKKISUKKI is a Netflix star & burlesque dancer striving for Asian representation and women’s empowerment through her performing art. [0:58] Lost in MenstruationTrue or False? Our Femcy specialist will be sharing 2 popular period myths! [39:20] Whasss Good?Livia will bring some exercises to keep your pelvic floor muscles nice and healthy + an amazing documentary tip: [42:13]

Thursday Mar 17, 2022

Unfiltered Stories with Izyan.Our guest for this episode is none other than Izyan, a UX designer and the author of "A Drip. A Drop. A Deluge: A Period Tragicomedy." This episode Livia and Izyan will be talking about period shits!  [0:58] Lost in Menstruation: all about the unspoken period diarrhea! [27:20] Whasss Good?Don't forget to stay until the end for tips on how to support local artists and Livia's book recommendation! [30:50]

Monday Feb 28, 2022

Unfiltered Stories with Masia One: As one of Canada’s first Asian female rappers, she has worked with Dr. Dre and Pharrell, and her vocals were featured on the theme song of Fast & Furious 8. She shares about her new song "The Vulva Vocabulary", and a time when a doctor almost removed her uterus unnecessarily due to fibroids! Lost in Menstruation: Femcy specialist shares about heavy menstrual flows and what is considered in excess!

Friday Feb 11, 2022

Unfiltered Stories with Mariana Campos: Mariana is a Brazillian head chef at The Butcher's Wife restaurant. She shares her experiences with different types of birth control (the pill, vaginal ring and IUD)! [01:18] Lost in Menstruation: Femcy menstrual specialist will share all the 'tea' about birth control pills - differences, pros, and cons! [23:20] Whasss Good?: Tips to wash away blood stains! [28:50]

Tuesday Jan 18, 2022

Unfiltered Stories with Barbara Latimer: Our special guest is a TV host, event emcee, sports presenter - she does it all! - Barbara shares her first period experience and how she reads and manages the signs of her PMS. [01:22] Lost in Menstruation: Mood changing throughout your menstrual cycle? Our Femcy specialist shares tips on how to handle PMS blues! [29:50] Whasss Good?: Secret ingredient to keep the vagina clean! :) [34:14]

Wednesday Dec 29, 2021

Unfiltered Stories with Alyaa Rauff: Our special guest is a fierce yoga instructor and personal trainer! [01:20] Lost in Menstruation: Our Femcy specialist explains why you ever feel more tired during some phases of your menstrual cycle. [25:35] Whass Good: Lívia shares a magic drink recipe for menstrual cramps! And for those in a bloody mood, stay tuned for a hot tip! [28:40]

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